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Here at Clark & Washington we understand the stress and fear that comes with overwhelming debts and the prospect of filing for bankruptcy. That is why we first ensure bankruptcy is indeed the right choice for you.

Once we (together, with you) decide Bankruptcy is the right course of action we will go over the cost to file Bankruptcy with you. However, below is an overview of a typical case.

Chapter 7 Up Front Costs. These costs are required by law to be paid prior to filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case in Knoxville.

Attorney Fees. Our attorney fees range from $800 - $1250. This amount depends on many factors and the attorney you meet with at your Free Initial Consultation will review these factors with you. These attorney fees can be paid in monthly, bi-weekly or weekly installments, if you prefer, and your case will be filed once all of your attorney fees are paid in full.

Credit Counseling Fees. The total fee for the mandatory Credit Counseling and Financial Management courses is $ 40.00.  This amount includes both the pre-filing certificate and post-filing Financial Management certificate. We are happy to offer the mandatory post-filing Financial Management counseling through Dave Ramsey.

Filing Fees.- The filing fee to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case is $335.  These fees can be paid directly to the Bankruptcy Court after filing in 4 monthly installments of $ 83.75.


$0 down to file?

Yes, once all your upfront fees (attorney fees and credit counseling fees) are received we will file an application with the Bankruptcy Court to request that your filing fee be paid over time so you get the relief you need right now. If approved, you can pay your filing fee after your case is filed over a 4 month period. This works out to $83.75 per month.


With more than 25 years experience, our attorneys and staff are well equipped with the knowledge to help you get all the information you need. Your first visit with an attorney at any of our locations is absolutley FREE.

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